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Author Topic: DEX Feature Request: Conditional Trading between 3 Assets  (Read 622 times)

June 06, 2017, 09:09:49 pm
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As more token and currencies are added to the platform the number of possible pairs increases exponentially.  With only 100 tokens, there are 4950 pairs.. Once there are 1415 tokens there are over 1 million pairs!  It will be nearly impossible to have liquid markets directly between all of them.
With conditional trades the client would submit 2 orders that only execute if both can be filled.  This allows for the most popular currencies to serve as automatic bridges between two more obscure ones.  I think this would be simple to implement since it is just the current matcher with an extra IF statement
The implementation in my head is that you always check the three most popular currencies along with the two you are interested in (10 pairs) to see if there is a better 3-way trade; the 3-way trade is diplayed on the order book along with the direct trades..

There are three trade pairs waiting to be matched:

100 Waves:1 BTC ; 1 Waves:25 EUR ; and 2600 EUR:1 BTC
On the the BTC:EUR orderbook the user would see 2500 EUR: 1 BTC listed above the 2600 EUR: 1 BTC.. because the three way trade is better than the direct trade.
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