Сan not send the transaction to the world. LIGO

Author Topic: Сan not send the transaction to the world.  (Read 856 times)

December 01, 2017, 02:11:59 am
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I want to apologize for my English. This is not my native language.

I want to connect the Waves Node API to my site. The problem lies in the fact that I can not send the transaction to the world. Between the inner luggage, money goes, but not on the outside.

There are three methods I have found - POST / assets / transfer (for internal wallets), POST / assets / broadcast / transfer (like for internal wallets only there is an entry in Blockchain) and POST / assets / broadcast / batch-transfer (this is probably a method what I need, as in response I get an error).

In POST / assets / broadcast / transfer and POST / assets / broadcast / batch-transfer identical Value Value:

Example Value
Signed Asset transfer transaction {
senderPublicKey (string): Base58 encoded sender public key,
recipient (string): Recipient address,
amount (integer),
fee (integer),
timestamp (integer),
signature (string)
But if POST / assets / broadcast / transfer I hide the required response from POST / assets / broadcast / batch-transfer error -

  "error": 1,
  "message": "failed to parse json message",
  "cause": zero,
  validation Errors: {
    "obj": [
        "msg": [
        args: []

Ehampel Valoe is identical in both methods. Why is this error? What is the difference between these methods and what I do wrong?

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