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Off-Topic / Re: Bittrex
« Last post by zekkd on September 30, 2017, 03:30:56 am »
I might move to Binance. Mostly because I just bought a lot of NEO.
Coming quickly to completion is the HEAT Dev Kit. is a working ASSET to BITCOIN gateway microservice in just 22 lines of TypeScript (lots of comments for explanations).
So far completed:
1. Automatic Java class to TypeScript generation (strong typing for all heat java classes and most java standard lib classes)
2. Java Nashorn sourcemap support built-in to heat server
3. Visual Studio Code test run integration (run your microservice from within vscode, includes clickable stacktraces on Nashorn errors)
4. Heat command line interface for running microservice (tests)
5. Microservice client framework
6. Gulp build pipeline which does your typescript compilation, sourcemap generation and runs heat server to execute tests
Forging income data from

Top Forgers + Monthly returns + Graph of all forging nodes versus all balances not forging.

As well a special account monitoring setup also from which allows an email system for notifications on a forging node's activity and status.
Forging rewards are now active on the HEAT blockchain.
A guide to forge using a VPS is here:

Profit calculator can be seen at:
Basic Forging report is here:

Crypto Scene / TORF365 !!!! what is it, who am & will it launch
« Last post by TORF365 on April 17, 2017, 05:51:53 am »

hi all.....

ill be slowly reaching out to the community to gain support and advice.

WHAT: a lean startup........A Token, a social platform and Smart Sports Devices. 1st a product with an improved app to prove concept, then more products & reach out to brands for partnership to push adoption.

WHO: surf, skate, snow, hospitality, bartender, Ron Paul supporter, in Vancouver Canada.... Im out of my league with this stuff, i feel like im one of the early adopters that want to build "average guy gateways" for average people. sorry im not a genius but i am passionate, i found crypto and waves and try to keep up with news and tech and all i can say is i'm impressed with the waves platform and what they have done. sorry im not active in the community but i did invest in TOKES and will invest in the projects coming at the end of April.

Im only small time investor in ICO but i have a vision. I am not looking to run and control this project im looking to hire people and let the success of the crowd fund determine the final speed and direction of  the project. After that voting token will be distributed to investors help decisions evolve through the social platform.

WHEN: No rush, first i want the community to advise me on the possibility of an idea like this... at the end of this month i will release the main site password for full understanding. May / June / july  i hope will be spend working out the kinks, and supporting me to help get this project live.

HOW: the ITO will help to raise funds for the re-design, upgrade creation of the app and development of the Brand. The 1st device is on the market and will help adoption because there are already thousands being used around the world right now. So from the get go we will have people waiting to install the new app, also we will have them for sale and options for investor on day 1.

My goal is that a TORF tokens are commonly understood globally as the "credit" you receive for using smart sports equipment.

TORF365 aims to be the online ecosystem that manages and rewards people for using their smart tech sports equipment.

WHY: TORF (time off request form) 
when you work in a job you earn invisible time off credits, that is to say if you work a month you are likely able to request of some time as a reward for working.
so now in real time we can reward people with "tokens" of value as a reward for using the smart product that can validate its use. creating a digital TORF.

if you fork my idea please let me know so i can invest in your project..haha
Detailed technical and conceptual update:

Notably, it includes the planned HEAT Microservices to be quickly in the pipeline. This will allow anyone to implement BaaS on the blockchain.

- Completion of the possibly highly lucrative bank co-op project
- Streamlined general corporate solution deployment model, and
- Considerable feature enhancement for the public HEAT blockchain
HEAT selected to do a pilot project with ABN AMRO bank ;)
Forging coming back online in a couple days, and asset exchange has vast majority volume ;)
Crypto Scene / I seemed to be really hoping to pick out up both of rings
« Last post by absurdities on March 04, 2017, 06:54:58 am »
This Radiant Paper hearts charm appearance gorgeous inside a more aquatic blue; I don’t in fact have anywhere I could use this particular bead, but it’s objective striking colours because series to date, I think! Finally, you'll find a stay shot of one of pandora charms clearance the innovative mixed household leather bracelets – your mixed red cord. My favourites are generally unchanged out of this preview; the Spring and coil collection certainly wins by far the most brownie points for that beautiful Field of Think about muranos plus the new bracelet (which I got disappointed to not ever see inside these survive images! ), insurance policy coverage Winnie your Pooh characters as well as Tinker Bell necklaces are undoubtedly must-haves with luck from the Disney group.

The Pandora Increased by charms became pretty, and I’ll definitely obtain the safety chain gradually, but There's no doubt that the variety would quite definitely benefit from even more original models, and a greater emphasis on pandora rings sale uk styles that will don’t purely rely on pavé describing. The Summertime murano glass is usually to die for! Nevertheless, again, what’s missing are the traditional silver precious metal beads to be able to complement that beautiful new murano magnifying glaas charms plus the bright jumps of colour from the enamel or pavé drops. I 'm actually thinking about mixing bracelets from alternative brands towards my long term bracelet designs I’m organizing, particularly through Redbalifrog, that have done beautiful use their Enchanted Glade assortment. I listened to from pandora safe chains someone that was at one of several Pandora highway shows that usually there are some new happens to be coming away – such as a 3-band in business ring along with CZs on it (similar to Droplets Stackable rings), and also a Dazzling Daisies ring that was “open” with a big daisy about one facet, and a little daisy on the other side.

I seemed to be really hoping to pick out up both of rings, but we haven’t noticed them throughout any with the previews yet… have got i had missed them on here? do you know when they’re approaching out? (The path show has been displaying everything as much as and just like summer stuff, so how to attract spring, mother’s daytime, or the summer months launch, i’m possibly not sure). Thanks for just about any help! Oh thanks! That’s excellent. I want the daisies ring definitely. For pandora birthstone rings the different one, it’s not really the teeth enamel one MY SPOUSE AND I meant. It’s that droplets one (I think) in addition to its SEVERAL individual bands which have been linked together plus it “rolls” up and down when everyone put this on (and most of 3 interlocked bands would be the same).
Off-Topic / The most recent info concerning the atmos
« Last post by absurdities on March 04, 2017, 06:53:52 am »
Nike PG ONE Ferocity. Nike possesses officially introduced the 2nd colorway of nike trainers sale uk the Nike PG ONE PARTICULAR dubbed the particular “Ferocity” match. Scheduled to help release on March 4th, the PG 1 is often a true effort between George and also Nike artist Tony Hardman. Using a distinctive forefoot strap, anchored by Flywire conductor loops, the uncomplicated silhouette packs a very functional hand techinque. Under the particular forefoot, a Zoom Air unit delivers low-profile, receptive cushioning, while various signature specifics add your own touch. This colorway employs a obsidian and also a yellow to help represent the particular Pacers in conjunction with hits of purple on the heel tab and eyelets like a nod that will his new mother Paulette.

Contemplating picking in place the Nike PG ONE Ferocity with March Fourth? Retail price shall be $110. Remain tuned to be able to Kicks Upon Fire to get updates. Another Fresh Women’s Colorway Belonging to the Nike Air flow Max Actually zero. Ladies, take a look at this innovative colorway of nike air max womens uk the Nike Weather Max Actually zero made only for you. Coming in Glacier Blue/Ivory/Palm Green-Black, this coloration scheme is usually an ideal try to find sunny Originate days on. Said in the form of pair of your Nike Air flow Max Absolutely no Glacier Pink Pack, the fused nylon uppers upper is supplied in a predominantly Glacier Glowing blue upper accented nicely from the Pal Natural overlays as well as Black and white hits found on the sole plus branding. Are you currently feeling the following new colorway about the Air Utmost 1? If you do, pick all these up right now from decide on retailers as well as the retail tariff of $130. Europe Now Has a release Date With the atmos back button Nike Atmosphere Max ONE PARTICULAR Elephant. Many doubts remain unanswered regarding the upcoming atmos by Nike Air Max A SINGLE Elephant release. Will them release inside U. S. on Surroundings Max Day (3/26)? Will it go for a wrap up alongside this rumored atmos back button Air Jordan 3? What’s that retail price tag? Nike includes yet to nike air huarache men provide any on the answers, but a very important factor we can say for sure could be that the shoe appears to acquire a good release particular date in European union.

The most recent info concerning the atmos by Nike Surroundings Max YOU Elephant suggests how the highly sought after release is set to decrease in European union on March 18th, that's around 7 days earlier approach rumored U. S. relieve date. Do you consider the atmos a Nike Atmosphere Max ONE PARTICULAR Elephant will probably release by itself or down the rumored Atmosphere Jordan THREE OR MORE? Let people know your current thoughts within the upcoming drop inside comments under an be tuned as ideas begins to nike training women surface.
Off-Topic /
« Last post by andelisar on February 24, 2017, 05:31:44 am »
If you want get 100XLM for free
go to, register account and made 3 any post after that you can get stellar in giveaway thread.
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