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Assets / [ANN] [ICO] HALAL Coin for Muslims and Non-Muslims
« Last post by HALAL_Coin on July 29, 2017, 03:16:15 pm »

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Please do not hestitate to share your HARDEST criticism, doubts and commentary !
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Coin Info

Coin name : HALAL Coin
Abbreviation : HALAL
Total created Tokens : 99.000.000
Info&Token Explorer :

[Exchanges Currently Listed On:

Waves Decentralized Exchange

Exchanges inquired with:







WavesLiteClient Google Chrome App:

Waves Wallet for Android:

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Block Explorers

Block explorer 1 :
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Waves wallet asset exchange.
Tidex also to be added soon and all the others after ICO.

ICO details:


White Paper:

Social Media

Facebook :
Twitter :


There are big challenges 1.5 Billion Muslims all around the world are facing as of today. Block chain technology will be the new future no doubt. Unfortunately Muslim society is following this revolution relatively slow and late. However HALAL Coin project aims to ease Muslims to keep up with the revolution. The main idea is to facilitate the mass adoption of HALAL Coin in long term. This will economically empower individuals since the maximum amount in circulation is fixed unlike fiat currencies. And as an investment it promises higher gains and easier trading and storage possibilities compared to gold. Aims to strengthen the commerce ties among Muslims internationally by offering a trustless commerce platform and another aim is to create a strong community and governance to become the leading force and leading voice of all Muslims which is the only way to stop expansion of ISIS propaganda.

Why HALAL Coin ?​

First of all, as the name already implies, earnings for inverting in HALAL Coin is a ‘HALAL’ earning according to Islam since it is not ‘riba’ (interest) earning.​

Economic Reasons​
Block chain technology is the safest way of storing and transferring assets. And it is getting understood that crypto economy is the future. It is way more superior in safety and growth aspects compared to precious metals and financial derivatives. However Muslim community has been relatively late and slow to adopt this technology.

Traditional investments methods like gold and fiat currencies are set to vanish gradually. Especially gold which is a very common investment among Muslims is set to lose its value very soon since cryptoassets are much more advantageous in many aspects.  Investing in Bitcoin or other cryptoassets would make rich the early adopters of Bitcoin and other altcoins. It is the time to deploy an option for 1.5 Billion Muslims which comes from Muslims and for Muslims.
HALAL Coin is the first real opportunity for Muslims to improve the economic power of Muslims since it is developed by Muslims and supported by Muslims and non-Muslim fellows.

We are at the edge of a new and stronger economic crisis since no lessons are learnt from the last one. Instead Central Banks multiplied the amount of fiat currencies in the circulation which temporarily delayed a big correction and created an even bigger bubble which is due to explode very soon. This time it is called ‘Everything Bubble’ and this time stock market, real estate market and bonds market bubbles are set to explode all together. The only salvation is to invest in precious metals and crypto currencies. However precious metals are difficult to store, keep and transfer. Although precious metals have been the safe heaven so far during economic crisis and wars, this time there is a better alternative: Cryptocurrencies.

HALAL Coin is projected for these hard times especially and it differs from other cryptoassets in that way. Let me explain how. All other cryptoassets are targeting cryptofuns all around the world predominantly which is already very saturated and there is not much room to grow. HALAL Coin however chooses a different path to grow, adoption of specific masses. Instead of aiming a global acceptance from the beginning which is very complicated and challenging for a new coin, HALAL Coin aims to have a local & society specific target mass which has stronger religious, cultural, economic and commercial connections already. Once this aim is achieved the global admittance will be inevitable eventually.

Ideological reasons
Although Islam is the religion of peace, charity and brotherhood, it is perceived quite negatively by western society especially after ISIS terrorism.  We real Muslims don’t consider them as Muslim since their actions are completely opposite to Islamic fundamentals, however those bunch of sinners are influencing the image of Islam more than the rest of 1,5 billion Muslims. ISIS has strong economic and human resources and recruiting especially young and fool Muslims in deep web and in local mosques. There should be something to be done by our huge Muslim anti ISIS community to stop ISIS poisoning our children.The aim of HALAL Coin is to create a community and economic resources to establish and diffuse a strong anti ISIS propaganda on all web platforms and mosques and organizing events to inform Muslims about the ISIS religion scam.

Another common problem of Muslim nations is the anti-democratic puppet governments. Most Muslim nations condemned to live with it. I had personally foreseen that Arab spring was coming years before it started. Because internet and user friendly social media were being adopted by masses. A new Arab spring is on the road now because crypto revolution is coming. However this time it will be softer but more efficient. Because dictatorships will realize that they have to convince their citizens instead of oppressing. There will be no other way to survive for them. Cause if citizens lose their trust on government they will switch to crypto assets and this will weaken the government economically so that the fiat money they print will be useless to pay salaries of police and armed forces.


​As HALAL Coin project team and fastly growing HALAL Coin community will move together to decide where the resources should be allocated. This will be achieved by a regularly organized polls and feedbacks from HALAL Coin community.​

At first place an ICO (Initial Coin Offering) will be launched where for 90 000 000 coins will be available for sale ( of 99 000 0000 of total coins)  divided to 90 batches of 1 000 000 HALALs for each. Price of each batch  in an increasing order. 9 000 000 HALALs will be reserved for incentivation of contributions (technological, marketing, advertising, blogging etc.) 
That way we aim to beat the typical ICO uncertainty. The amount capitalized continuously from this continuous ICO will be spent for marketing in order to achieve mass adoption of HALAL Coin by Muslims at first place. This includes intensive social media activity, advertisements and public events.  Admisson to several exchange platforms. (Bittrex, Tidex, Yobit, crptopia,livecoin etc.)  This aggressive marketing will be ongoing simultaneously with ICO. So the investors can see the effect of their contribution directly.​​

At second stage, marketing will be expanded in order to reach masses which have never heard of even Bitcoin. At this stage the number of participating merchants and number of physical ATM s will be increased rapidly.

After certain acceptance is reached within certain countries, commerce chambers, financial and governmental institutions will be poked continuously in order to convince them to use HALAL Coin and/or encourage people to use it.

Technology development

The tokens to be sold during the ICO will be converted to HALAL Coins after we successfully implement a separate Block-Chain (Intentionally POS ). At the moment we have been evaluating several existing technologies closely and performing tests (Waves , Ethereum, NEO, Next, Omni, Counterparty. etc ) We have successfully forked and tested so fare several block chains. However new technologies are on the way like tangle, graphene and delegated POS among others. We want to make sure that the technology we fork and develop to be at least one of best for the time being and for the near future. Should be light, scalable, stabile and proven. We are very ambitious to deploy Token creation tool and a decentralized exchange platform on top of this block chain before the boom of Islamic capital adoption. ​

You may already have realized that we do not have previously and precisely defined technology targets. Because we are not a coin which creates its community afterwards.Rather we are a huge community which creates its coin !  And we will make sure that it will be the one which community wants.

Education & Anti ISIS propaganda
We will incentivize Muslim bloggers, youtubers, twitterers etc. for their contribution to widespread the idea behind the HALAL Coin and anti ISIS propaganda. There will be no free giveaway. We will work closely with our community to incentivize those individuals.

Furthermore, nonprofit educational organizations, sports organizations and public events like World Islamic Economic Forum will be sponsored and separate events will be held for both marketing and ideological reasons.​

« Last post by Twiggy Smile on July 01, 2017, 07:50:44 pm »

To get verified mark (green mark) (read it as: the one whom the company trusts). There are no classical ways (just paid the commission and get a lot of trust). Work hard on your business, be active with your community and support the Waves and Waves community. Promote your product, come up with a system of incentives for Waves users.

In general, create an honest business, be proactive, create partnerships with the Wavesplatform and sooner or later your asset will be among the trusted assets.
« Last post by DYMI on July 01, 2017, 07:14:23 pm »
sorry for my english guys, am from Brazil!
thank you so much!  :)

Desculpe, como verificar?
sou Brasileiro também, :D se precisar de alguma ajuda, talvez eu possa ajudar!
« Last post by jjoaofrr on June 23, 2017, 04:59:44 pm »
sorry for my english guys, am from Brazil!
thank you so much!  :)
Assets / Token Transactions Fee (Token Flexibility)
« Last post by TobiyahT on June 13, 2017, 04:46:20 pm »
I hope someone can assist me with something.

I was reading:

Is this something easily implemented? To be able to use my own token as the transaction fee as opposed to waves?

Thank you.
Assets / CryptoPing ICO and Free Beta
« Last post by kbroadfoot on June 06, 2017, 06:27:09 pm »
There is another ICO underway on the WavesPlatform.  CryptoPing.

CryptoPing is a social messaging bot that sends your Telegram signals from three different exchanges...

These signals quite often are indicators of market movement.. it doesn't always get it right but it seems to be it gets it right far more often than it gets it wrong..

Right now the use of this bot is free ( during the ICO ) and after it will be a subscription model using 'Ping' tokens on the WavesPlatform. They have 11,000 plus users of the beta already...

IF they get enough money during the ICO, converting this bot into an auto trading bot is in the works...

Here is an link

Check it out... even if you don't participate in the ICO you can still use the product for free.... for now..

Currently the beta monitors Bittrex, Poloniex, and Cryptopia and delivers signals to Telegram. Plans to extend the number of exchanges and multiple methods for delivering signals are also in the works...

Assets / Re: Inflationary asset - is it possible?
« Last post by Twiggy Smile on June 06, 2017, 11:43:42 am »
All detailed information about smart contracts will be available after the official release.
Assets / Re: Inflationary asset - is it possible?
« Last post by akhavr on June 06, 2017, 09:51:39 am »
Ok, got it.  Basically, a centralized script that would issue/release more tokens as time passes.

What about planned smart contracts?  Would they allow to implement such use-case in a decentralized manner?
Assets / Re: Inflationary asset - is it possible?
« Last post by Twiggy Smile on June 05, 2017, 10:18:49 pm »

Yes, emission of tokens in the asset generated immediately. But in your situation you can use the function of additional emission (if you enabled it due creating the asset). See RE-ISSUABLE - True.

Also you can automate it with the node and curl requests -

Code: [Select]
curl -X POST --header 'Content-Type: application/json' --header 'Accept: application/json' -d '{ \
   "sender": "string", \
   "assetId": "string", \
   "quantity": 0, \
   "reissuable": true, \
   "fee": 0 \
 }' ''

So you can create a looped algorithm that will add every day for example 1% additional emission.

All of this is just an example ;)

I think you will also benefit from this documentation:

Full Node
How to Install
Config file
Config file tutorial

More links -
Assets / Inflationary asset - is it possible?
« Last post by akhavr on June 05, 2017, 10:33:19 am »
Is it possible to create an inflationary asset on the waves network?  Or it has to be generated all at once and then distributed from the holding account, according to the asset rules?
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