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Waves Helpdesk / how to run a faucet
« Last post by fupoofcoin on December 09, 2017, 01:12:25 pm »
He guys i interested in running a waves faucet on my website to reward vistors   .More specific  i like to faucet m own coin fupoof coin  EAmQHCqBVeNunvYRC5bFQh6mtvF34bL9qAwug5PGvjjE  .It is a verified asset so it should be no problem it is already has it own faucet here

how would i go about doing this ???
Waves Helpdesk / Re: where I can store my waves
« Last post by BTCpals on November 23, 2017, 01:25:52 am »

I am new in the cryptocurrency world, and I want to buy Waves, I looked in the internet, an have not saw a wallet where I can store my waves only the waves lite client, So would you please tell me if there any secure wallet to store my waves, or just stay with the own waves lite client and this will be secure and good enough to store my waves.


I absolutely think you should use the Waves Client for your Waves. Get it on your Phone and your PC. If you are storing your Waves then you can use the LSOP section in your Waves wallet to generate more Waves based on the number of Waves you have.
It's called Leasing and you can Lease any amount. I've just begun this journey into leasing one month ago. I already have three different Leasing Pools that I have joined. Your Waves are never at risk and you are in full control of them.... ALWAYS. Leasing is a great way to generate more Waves for yourself. It's free and helps the Waves Ecosystem in the process. I will explain more if you are interested.
Waves Helpdesk / Release waves tokens from a lease
« Last post by kehtech on November 21, 2017, 11:40:59 pm »
I leased a few waves sometime ago, first it shows up in my lease transaction, but now it no longer showing. The client shows that the waves still on lease, but there are no way to release them from the lease.
Waves Helpdesk / Profit share based on tokens in wallet
« Last post by tycoonheaven on November 02, 2017, 07:28:30 pm »
How can i track the token that i create? I would like to pay a profit to all token holders in waves.
If you are looking for 100% share back and 120% (limited time) then lease your waves with us,

Please lease your waves with us.

Why Leasing?:
When you lease waves to us, we 'll able run as full node and get more waves (as transaction fees) and we'll distribute that profit to our leasers as per their share
leasing is safe, you can cancel it anytime, lease doesn't mean transfer or lend. we will not be able spend your waves.
its 100% safe

Lease Waves Address:


– 100% share back whatever we'll earn
– 99.9% uptime  on server and dedicated server
– Transparent and everything is clear
– No registration needed
– Weekly payment!
- No transaction fees, we process transactions within our own blocks

Payment schedule:
– Waves Fees: 100% distributed back to you (we keep 0%)
– MRT (Miners’ Reward Token): 100% distributed to you (we keep 0%)
– Other Tokens: 100% distributed to you
– Mid next year we may start charging just 0.5% or 1%
– Get 120% extra for limited time

Minimum amount of Waves:
There is no minimum amount of Waves you can lease. But you get only a payment if you have at least 0.001 Waves.

How to lease Waves:
Go to your Waves wallet (Lite Client) and open the leasing tab and enter the following address and amount of waves you want to lease

Is it safe?:
Yes! 100% safe. We are just a node where you can lease your Waves for rewards. Your Waves will always stay in your wallet and we can’t spend them. By only one click, you will get your Waves back in your wallet.

For Further details check
Miscellaneous issues / situations / problems / Re: have not recieve my waves token
« Last post by jusin04 on October 23, 2017, 03:26:07 pm »
shall i contact coss support ???

Try to contact with their support, because your transfer was successfully processed.
Miscellaneous issues / situations / problems / Re: have not recieve my waves token
« Last post by jusin04 on October 23, 2017, 03:04:31 pm »
theres is nothing on the exchange  , and yes i checked wavesexplorer it said the amount was recieved but not showing anything on my exchange wallet
Have you checked you exchange?
Since they are the sending party.
Have you looked up the addresses on wavesexplorer?
Miscellaneous issues / situations / problems / have not recieve my waves token
« Last post by jusin04 on October 23, 2017, 11:36:32 am »

how long does it take to recieve waves token ,? i have sent  them like 12 hours ago from liqui to coss exchange but still not showing nothing.,,
thank u

thats my recieving adress      3PJ2Bvf4MnrTscq8jUxronoHMSZLHDVszUP   

thank u.
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