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General Discussion / Re: waves full node
« on: July 22, 2016, 12:36:07 pm »
I will not argue more because I don't want to pollute this forum (unless you want pm) but my point is the following :

Asking begginner question is 100% legit this is not what I'm against to (99% of your last message).
I'm only against begginer that criticise like you did in your last post, in a "long childish way" such as

  • "we really disappointed to your team"
  • "we lost every chance for investment to another coins too."

First you took your friends or they join you in your trading adventure
(until you're not anymore a begginer I trully think that's a mistake but It's my point of view, anyway).

"Disappointed to your team", unless they promise something directly to you (not official communication) or unless you invest a large amount of btc into it,
who are you to say that ? Or more accurately, do you think they care about you specifically ?

"We lost every chance for investment to another coins too." I don't even want to start answer that cause this is trully fucking lame, jez take your responsibility only you choose to invest they didn't force you wtf if you have made an all-in on waves that's your problem and by the way you can at every moment choose to sell your wavescoins to take another train (altcoins) but you didn't...

Basically you just spit on waves and because you don't have any balls you will stay here and pray for the best.

General Discussion / Re: Beware the Scammers!
« on: July 10, 2016, 07:55:36 pm »
Thanks god I was so close to get r***   :-\

No really that's terrible for waves social reputation, this need to be fix ASAP  >:(
To be honest I was fooled by his actual number of follower/tweet

I'll post in the french section it's not good at all.

THE SCAMMER appear as @waveplatform (official one minus 's') but is actually wavepIatform

This is the page he send to you (perhaps he has many other ...) (DO NOT SEND BTC) He already get more than 3 btc ...

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