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April 06, 2018, 05:00:47 pm
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Details TurtleNode

  • Fixed Supply: 100.000.000
  • Symbol:         TN
  • Token Name:  TurtleNode
  • Decimals:       2
  • Re-issuable:   No
  • Verified:         Yes
  • Asset ID:        HxQSdHu1X4ZVXmJs232M6KfZi78FseeWaEXJczY6UxJ3
  • issued by:      TurtleNode (BlackTurtle)
  • Platform:        Wavesplatform
  • Token Utility:  As additional Financial incentive to lessors to fuel TurtleNode services
                            And tools in development


  • 90% Fundraising - Fundraising completed
  • 2%  For the Founder
  • 8% Community Appreciation Funds 


Our main goal is to create waves platform awareness and to achieve this we will begin by creating tools which will it make easier for new adapters to interact with the wavesplatform and to attain a better understanding of blockchain technology. A good product brings value, for this reason another aspect of our mission is to ensure that the user has the best experience and easiest possible interaction.  A happy and satisfied user will tell the world about his/her experience and in turn others will become aware of TurtleNode and Waves.

But our mission does not stop here. To maximize our impact and ensure our contribution serves it's purpose
we will dedicate a lot of resources into assisting and guiding technically oriented users interest in learning specific tasks related to Waves Platform.

Value TurtleNode

Initially TurtleNode will develop and create customizable tools so everyday users can enjoy their experience with blockchain. As well since these tools will be deployed and active on social media channels such as Telegram, Slack, Reddit, Discord and others. The more people use our tools, the higher the value and demand for said tools will increase.

The tools will be available in different modes such as:

  • Basic Access, open to all.
  • Daily: Fee is negotiable and dependent on complexity of function(s) desired.
  • Membership: 10,000 TurtleNode tokens ($TN) grants the user full access to standard functions as well as customizable ones.

We will also offer our services to other projects in need of our problem solving skills as well as other innovative collaborations and ICOs common to our ecosystem.

What have we done

  • Upgrade infrastructure for our node.
  • Users with more than 1 million $TN are invited to TurtleNode Council.
  • Started to introduce 2 new team members to Waves.
  • Create price notification support for Binance, Bittrex and Tidex within @TurtleNodebot.
  • Upgrade userfriendly @TurtleNodebot.
  • Extended Tippingbot with a raking and tiptop command, which in turn increased total transactions processed by Waves' network.
  • Airdropped close to 200 $LIQUID among early supporters.
  • Showing cancel lease transactions notifications for Premium Members.
  • Increase stability from the bot and node.
  • Adding node name by transactions shown by @Turtlenodebot done by a node.
  • Began developing an MVP for a more advanced/profitable bot (closed source during development and testing phases).
  • We continue to increase TurtleNode community on Telegram, Slack, Facebook and Twitter.


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