[ANN] universal waves token 5% airdrop, 50% bounty, 40% ICO, 5% holding LIGO

Author Topic: [ANN] universal waves token 5% airdrop, 50% bounty, 40% ICO, 5% holding  (Read 1074 times)

November 04, 2017, 07:06:22 pm
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universal dev

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A wave project run by the waves community
more info in the next coming days
bounty and airdrop will be available
max supply 20,000,000 none RE-ISSUABLE!
https://www.facebook.com/Universal-token-502788750089313  FACEBOOK PAGE IS IN PROGRESS WILL BE DONE BY THE 5TH
early birds ICO status
total: 1million
sold: 3000
left: 997,000
price: 0.0001 waves
end: 10/11/2017

let make waves great again!! let the community have power!!!
Universal token is a community based project where the community have a say what they want from the coin  via the voting system (not released).
1.   We will be building a website for this token and in the near future we will be adding services to use your tokens. e,g. faucet hosting, and much more.
2.   After the website has been completed we will implement a voting system where the community will decide what they want from the coin.
3.   ICO will also take place to protect the coin value
4.   Airdrop will begin next week  (10/11/2017) for 100 users (no newbies will be allowed to join the airdrop ). There will be 20 rounds 1 round will occur every week
5.    finish doing the announcement page (designs)

1.   we will be offically working on a stand alone wallet for this token
2.   we will be also adding new services depending what the community wants (voting system)
3.   our goal at this point is to get our community token listed on bigger exchange
4.   It up to the community what they want from here on we will have a voting system (no payment is required to vote but we will detect spam voters)

universal tokens

50% bountys
-10 million
5% will be airdropped in 20 rounds - 1 million
5% for holding for a few years - 1 million
40%  ICO 8 million (first part of ICO 1,000,000 universal tokens) 8 parts

early birds ICO
1.   1,000,000 universal is now for sale at a rate of 0.0001 WAVES (make sure the ID is 9hnm67j3X5apSnJUVTB8VUW4ghYmhjEZHqMF7rqFMPnB and your using universal, just make sure you not buying a clone/scam version of this)
2.   Any unsold tokens at the end of each ICO phase will go to a charity address of which the community decide what that chairty address will support and will also be a highlight of the project (we will also provide proof of which charity you have helped out).
3.   The rest will be sold on a later date and will be announce here and on our website

upcoming bountys (inprogress)
1. Blog about the coin (need to be clear and must include most features about the token and up coming features).
2. Translation (now available)
3. Competition for the catchiest slogan (must relate to the project) 
4. anything that can help the project ( I will decide how much I will pay for your work or idea)
more to come.....

also everyone welcome to be part of this project and also would love feed back even if they are negative.  ;D ;D

November 18, 2017, 10:21:22 am
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I would like to reserve the Spanish translation bounty. I have experience translating announcement posts, white papers, websites and moderating local threads.  :D

April 09, 2018, 07:32:59 pm
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